Renee North


Are you tired?
Have you tried everything?
Do you just want to get better?

It takes courage to keep looking for answers.

Let us help you find answers through Field Control Therapy!

"I had Lyme Disease for years. I suffered with daily fevers, night sweats, depression, palpitations, nausea, fatigue, tingling feet, the feeling of sunburned skin, etc. I sought help at two major hospital networks. Despite taking the antibiotic doxycycline all summer, the symptoms did not resolve. Only after experiencing Field Control Therapy (FCT) was I able to resolve these issues. I knew at that point I wanted to expand from my background of nursing and become a Field Control Therapy Practitioner."  -Renee North

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Hi. I'm Renee. Thanks for visiting my website. I truly hope you find it meaningful and helpful.

What am I about?

I primarily offer Field Control Therapy (FCT) but also Electromagnetic Field (EMF) consultations and energetic therapy. My office is located in the Baldwin-Woodville area of western Wisconsin. I also offer remote or distance testing. I discuss remote testing in more detail here.

My own personal experiences and background have allowed me to experience many different approaches to the body as a nurse and as a patient in both the allopathic and alternative world. Perhaps you have experienced limitations within the allopathic system (western medicine/doctor/pharmaceutical approach). Maybe you have sampled from the thousands of alternative modalities available. Regardless of your history, my heart is to help you discern and evaluate the various approaches. But in the process, I will reveal my bias!

Consider this statement:

Whenever you see a therapy/supplement/etc. that claims to 'cleanse' or 'detox' be careful! They are claiming to move things out of the body. Have they tested where support is needed? Are they supporting the kidneys, lymphatics, and other eliminatory parts? There is a potential to be in a worse state of being due to the lack of support and time to strengthen key areas. We most often hear stories about this from people who have undergone chelation or had amalgams (silver fillings) removed and experienced a significant decrease in wellness.

Here are a couple examples to demonstrate what I mean:

I was testing a new client with FCT and was expecting to find bone marrow signals indicated. Bone marrow is essential to address for making progress in our wellness as all our cells are formed here. Instead testing indicated her kidneys were top priority. The kidneys are a major player in elimination. They have to be working. Without the kidneys being up to par, there is no point in addressing toxins elsewhere. We would risk stirring things up for redistribution. NOT the goal! The body knows best and FCT reflects this and respects it.

Another example was a client whose main complaint was bartonella. It is a bacterial issue also known as cat scratch disease. Her FCT testing indicated she needed to have an acute infection addressed first and time to strengthen her endocrine system. Our endocrine system is related to our energy. Most people think of the adrenals. However, this client tested for support needed with the hypothalamus, adrenals, and adrenal cortex (all part of the endocrine system). The first goal was to assist her body in increasing her energy reserves. It would be contraindicated to ask her body to address the bartonella when she didn't yet possess the energy to do so.

I'd like to share my favorite FCT quote as it relates to why this approach is meaningful. The word “kills” references antibiotics or other “anti” drugs (anti-hypertensives, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, etc).

"Both laymen and doctors look for the strongest thing that 'kills'. The truth is that all treatments are good at killing, in a narrow sense. The lie that no one wants to speak about is that, strictly speaking, chronic infections are not killable in a broader sense, because it is the body's immune and other multiple weaknesses that sustain chronic infections and, therefore, until weaknesses are skillfully addressed (versus just drugs or holistic/natural bombardments), these infections will keep reoccurring."
-Dr. Yurkovsky, creator of Field Control Therapy

Don't give up hope.

"What I know is that every time one life is changed, every time one person gets even a little bit healthier or happier, the lives of everybody around that person change. In some small way, the world changes."  -Pilar Gerasimo